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The Defence Club has separate Swimming Pools for women, men and children. The filtration and chlorination systems are of the highest standards, assuring members of a clean and safe pool for themselves and their families. Safety at the Swimming Pools is also of great concern to the Management of the Club, to which end professionally trained Life Guards and Coaches are always at the pool side. First aid equipment is also readily available. The ladies pool is adjacent to the men’s pool, standby arrangements have been made for any emergency in the women’s pool.

Both pools are covered and have sufficient ventilation. Children under 10 years of age are not allowed to enter the pool without their wards accompanying them. Both pools have separate entrances and receptionists to check any unauthorized entry. Both pools have changing and bath rooms, with sufficient showers and cubicles to accommodate the large numbers of swimmers who avail themselves of the facility. The changing rooms have lockers for members, who wish to keep their valuables safe. The Club management has installed heating system in the pools to facilitate swimming during the winter months.

The Club arranges Swimming Galas at the end of the summer months, which are very popular with members of all ages.


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