The Guestrooms Complex was formally inaugurated on 25 June 2010. It is consisted of 22 x Deluxe rooms & 4 x suits with a bewitching view of Golf course. The Complex has a vast parking area. These rooms are well furnished, well decorated and equipped with all modern allied facilities. Electric Lift facility is also available for senior citizens & disabled persons. There is a dining hall for 100 persons alongwith a hygienic Kitchen with professional staff. All types of food is available in the Guest Rooms. Beauty Parlour, & Laundry facility is also available in the basement area.


Rooms are being booked by our worthy members for their guests and for the members of the affiliated Clubs. Guest Room Rules are being reproduced as under for avoidance of any inconvenience to our worthy members:-

  • Guest rooms will be booked by members only.
  • At a time member can book two rooms
  • Guest Rooms will be booked on first come first served basis.
  • Booking will be made by making advance payment in full for the number of days the room/s is/are booked.
  • A room may be booked for maximum of 7 days. In a special case it can be booked for two weeks with the approval of Club management.
  • Booking will be made by the Guest Room Manager / Receptionist.
  • In case of cancellation, deduction will be made as under:-
    • 2 days in advance: Nil
    • 1 day in advance: 25%
    • Less than 24 hours: 100%
  • In case of loss / damage to any of the guest room items / accessories, the guest / member booking the room will be responsible to make good the loss / damage the same day.
  • Before booking the guest rooms, members are required to furnish following information on themselves and the guest.
    • No., Rank, Name and unit of the serving officer.
    • Service Identity Card No, date & place of issue of the guest occupying the room for grant of concession in the rent.
    • National Identity Card and Membership Number.
    • Permanent / Temporary address of member.
    • Duration of booking the room/s.
    • Total number of guests (Male / Female) occupying the room/s.
  • Two elders and maximum of two kids (under 12 years of age) can stay in a room.
  • Extra mattress will be provided if required & will be charged for the provision of the same.
  • Concessional charges for guest rooms are for Defence Forces officers and their own family (wife and children) only, and not for relatives/friends. In case of civilian guests and relatives, normal room rent will be charged.
  • A member booking the room for his guests will be responsible for guest conduct.
  • Guests must put off all the electric appliances before leaving the room.
  • No ironing will be carried out in the rooms.
  • Guests are to take care of their belongings. Management will not be responsible for loss of vehicle / valuables. Guests are further requested to deposit their valuables with the Receptionist at the Guest Rooms for safe custody and take proper receipt.
  • Following are strictly FORBIDDEN in the Guest Room premises:-
    • Gambling
    • Drinking Liquor
    • Assembly of Baraat
    • Marriage Ceremony / Nikkah / Engagements / Mehndi etc
    • Playing of Band / Music Instruments
    • Interviews / Press Conferences / Political / Religious / Sectarian Meetings
    • Entry of unauthorized / unregistered guests
  • No booking will be made for any one who is neither a member nor guest of a member.
  • The guest room administration takes care of their guests but please bear with the administration in case of electric failure, fault in AC, gas load shedding. No refund / rebate will be made if any of the above occurs. However efforts are made to rectify the faults as soon as possible.
  • Carrying of arms & ammunition in the rooms is prohibited. Please deposit the same with the receptionist before occupying the room/s.
  • Servants, maids and drivers are not allowed to enter the room/s.
  • Please register your vehicle number at the reception office.


Note:-   Submission of incorrect information and violation of Rules / Standing Operating Procedure will be dealt with according to Club Rules. Reservation / booking of room will stand cancelled and membership may be considered for cancellation depending upon severity of the violation of rules.



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