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The Defence Club offers an inspiring setting for hosting a variety of Banquets and private functions in three rooms of outstanding elegance. The Green Room and the Red Room have a seating capacity for 30 & 45 each, while the Banquet Hall accommodates 80 guests. The Club also provides a high standard of cuisine freshly prepared on site to cater for all functions hosted in the Banquet Hall and the two Party Rooms.


  • Party can be booked tentatively for 24 hrs only.

  • Party Hall can be confirmed within 24 hrs of booking by paying advance of Hall Rent.

  • Party should be confirmed 48 hrs before the party day.

  • Party requisition has to be signed by the member himself only.

  • Any change in the party booking is welcomed but 24 hrs before the party day

  • Mike / Rostrum will be provided for welcome and farewell parties.

  • The bookings are Not for an Engagement. Valima, Mehndi, Nikah, Wedding and that no Seminar, Exhibition, Dance or Musical Programme will be organized. There would be no speech on any political subject and that no political leader are to be invited as speaker/chief guest on the function.

  • There will be no party coverage on Electronic or in Print Media.

  • Full payment has to be made before the function. 50% advance payment at the time of booking while 50% before the function against the number of guests.

  • Outside catering is not allowed.

  • No video films will be made or picturization of any area of the club for personal or commercial purpose will be carried out.

  • No Musical / Electrical instrument will be played and no video film will be screened in the party Room/Hall.

  • Party Room / Hall will be vacated at an agreed time.

  • The participants in the party will abide by the club dress regulations and regulations pertaining to entry of children under 7 years of age and domestic servants.

  • No Guest will be invited who is not socially at par with the member of the club.

  • For violation of any kind of the above clause/s regular Membership shall be converted in to temporary.

  • That repeated violation by a member may result in termination of Membership.



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